Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I love the 1930s prints that are available today. I think they must remind me of fabrics I saw my grandmother & great-grandmother use when I was a little girl. They both had a tremendous influence on not just my sewing, but on many aspects of my homemaking skills. My great-grandmother, Grandma Smith as she was known to me, was a Danish immigrant & made wonderful Danish pastries. Sometimes I wish I picked up that talent, but most of the time I'm pretty glad I didn't since I would no doubt weigh about 50 pounds more than I do & who needs that?!

I made this particular quilt for my great-niece, Madison. If you look closely at the quilt you'll see that the white blocks all have the same quilting design done in pink thread. These were done on my embroidery machine. Isn't today's technology awesome!

As if I need something else to do, I have been busy repainting our bathroom & bedroom. I need to finish ASAP because the weather is hinting of spring & before we know it, it will be time to get outside for all those clean-up & planting chores. So much for new sewing projects.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monkey Shine

Did you have a sock monkey when you were little? I don't recall owning one of my own, but my grandmother had one at her house that we always played with when we visited her.
A few years ago I made a sock monkey for my grandson York. I also knitted him a sweater with a sock monkey on the front and made him this quilt. He has long outgrown the sweater (maybe his little brother Jack will get some use out of it), but he still sleeps with his monkey quilt.
These fabrics were from a Moda collection & also included panels to make a fabric book about the monkeys jumping on the bed - remember that? I'll have to dig out those panels (another UFO) so at least one of the grandkids will have a chance to enjoy the book!